Cancellation and your financial protection


Orange & Black, along with H-C Travel, are cancelling all tours and rentals until 17th April. We hope to resume normal service after this!

With all the news being dominated by the spread of Coronavirus, are you worried about how this will effect your holiday with us?

Well don’t. Firstly, we plan to still run all our May and June Tours to the USA. We are of course monitoring the situation. If the Travel Ban is not lifted or the UK FCO advise not to travel, then sadly we will have to cancel and reschedule the tours.

The joy of booking with Orange & Black / H-C Travel is that you are 100% financially protected. If we booked your flights then you have cover under our ATOL Licence and if not, then under our TTA membership. So, if we can’t run the tour every penny you paid us is protected !

If your trip is cancelled, you will have a choice of options available to you.

1. Reschedule in 2020
We can re-book you onto the new tour date this year at the same price, or onto another of our holidays (this includes H-C Travel motorcycle tours – worldwide – as well as non-biking holidays such as safari’s, Mediterranean packages, etc). We will simply transfer over your reservation to the new dates and issue you new paperwork. We then either refund you your balance payment less the booking deposit, or transfer the full payment you have made to your new tour.

2. Postpone until 2021.
If you aren’t able or comfortable with re-booking this year, we will book you onto next year’s tour (subject to any price changes). Again, we will refund/transfer any additional money back to you as described above.

3. Cancel and start again when you are ready.
If you pick this option, we will give you a full refund of all of the money paid to us. When you are ready to join us on another tour we will be more than happy to arrange a quote for you.

Customer safety is of course paramount to us, and as always, the team will do whatever they can to make any changes as painless and smooth as possible. After, all, that’s why you booked with Orange & Black / H-C Travel in the first place – our second to none service and care !