Cancellation and your financial protection

Orange & Black, along with H-C Travel, are cancelling all tours and rentals until 30th June 2020. We hope to resume normal service after this. We have now contacted all our customers who have been affected to discuss their options.

Orange & Black and H-C Travel have always been 100% committed to offering our customers full UK legal and financial protection through our ATOL licence (when we have booked your flights) and (if not) through our TTA Membership. This protection and commitment makes Orange & Black and H-C Travel unique in the motorcycle touring world, and means that your hard-earned money is safe during the difficult time that we find ourselves in. We are committed as ever to provide our customers with the best tours, service and protection. Thank you for your continued support – we can’t wait to help you get back out on the road when the time is right.

In the meantime, stay safe