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There’s no country on earth with more diversity. Enthralling natural landscapes, unforgettable citiscapes, cultural icons and fascinating legends abound, history going back in time further than you might imagine and of course some truly AMAZING roads. We have taken the hard work out of picking the best bits to ride with our favourite guided tour itineraries. There is something for everyone here in the USA! And starring in our guided tour experience:

Spectacular national parks and forests – the superlative Grand Canyon, Yellowstone with over 300 geysers, Redwood NP with its gigantic trees and iconic Monument Valley in the heart of the Navajo Nation are up there but we’ll take you to the lesser known but equally breathtaking parks such as Big Bend on the Mexican border or the rainforest of Olympic. We’ll guide you across the deserts, through Death Valley, over the Rockies, or down the magnificent Pacific Coast…

Awesome roads (it’s a given) – Pacific Coast Highway with the Big Sur cliffs, the old hidden sections of historic Route 66 (as Henry Cole said before his tour with us ‘there is no ribbon of road like it!’) , twisty Moki Dugway, the 10, 970ft Rockies pass on Beartooth Highway, crossing the continental divide on Colorado’s Trail Ridge Pass, or taming the Tail of the Dragon…..

Cities like no other – Santa Fe the adobe New Mexico state capital, Las Vegas with its larger than life buzz, glitz and glamour, Chicago windy city of bold architecture and fascinating museums and galleries, cosmopolitan San Francisco with surrounding Napa vineyards, infamous Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge, or the music cities of New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville…..

Legendary cultural sites – Native American centres, Civil War battlefields and great works of art such as Hearst Castle and Cadillac Ranch

Legendary characters – Jesse James, Doc Holliday, Pat Garrett, Crazy Horse – as well as our own modern legends such as Harley and Jerry.

You are in good hands with our experienced local guides Gary ‘Bear’ Fleshman and Marc Sloan, who love to showcase their country and can regale you with their knowledge. We have been guiding tours in the USA for over 20 years and Orange & Black has been an authorised Harley-Davidson tour operator since 2011. And what better way to see the USA than with an Orange & Black guide and on the back of a true American motorcycle.

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