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A fabulous spring, autumn or winter destination with landscapes of beautiful beaches, precipitous mountains, tropical jungles, Spanish Colonial charm, and great roads.

Baja California is the second longest peninsular in the world and offers fantastic riding, with the beautiful rugged Pacific coast one side and Sea of Cortez – brilliant blue waters and the world’s aquarium – on the other. Plus it’s the home of Mexican wine. We follow Mexico’s highway 1 through cactus filled desert and along winding and empty coastal roads.

A favourite stop on our tours is world heritage site San Miguel de Allende. Its historic centre surrounds the dramatic pink towers of a neo-gothic church. There’s a thriving arts scene, cobblestone old colonial charm and the locals know how to party – come and celebrate New Year with spectacular fireworks, music and all night celebrations.

We also love riding the bleak Sonoran Desert and twisting roads through the lush tropical jungle of the beautiful Sierra Gorda – the most northern cloud forest in north America, where the craggy terrain varies from tropical hillsides with climbing coffee plantations to pine forests, deep canyons and a vast desert valley.

And the chilli inspired cuisine is way beyond the Tex Mex that we know. You’re in for a real culinary treat!

New Year in San Miguel Allende

Colonial Tour

Baja and Copper Canyon Tour

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