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This fascinating Caribbean island country with its vibrant Spanish, Mexican and African-influenced culture, colourful history, fabulous music and hospitable people makes for a magical motorcycle touring destination in Winter and Spring. It’s like a window into the past as little seems to have changed since the 1959 revolution and the cars seem to have been on the road forever.

Havana, our tours starting point, is the country’s capital, a major port and commercial heart of the country. Spanish colonial architecture abounds and there are fabulous sites to visit such as the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, star-shaped fort and maritime museum, the Plaza Vieja, the iconic 1920’s National Capitol Building and baroque Catedral de San Cristóbal.

Both our 7 day Cuba Delight and 14 day Best of Cuba tours include overnight stays at Playa Larga – where you can swim in the Bay of Pigs, of ill-fated US-backed invasion fame – and also at one of our favourite spots Trinidad – a world heritage site in the centre of the island and once a major sugar producing town. With cobblestone streets and gorgeous brightly coloured buildings, it’s a photographer’s paradise.  Vinales, in the tobacco region  with its colonial-era colourful wooden houses is also visited on both tours. The Best of Cuba tour goes on to explore right down to the East of the country and Santiago.

Along the way we’ll meet Los Harlistas. These are the passionate and dedicated aficionados of the classic American Harley. We’ll also be entertained by the pervasive uplifting Latin music, so influential across the world.

Our accommodation includes popular home-stays which offer a fantastic opportunity to learn more of the culture and how the people live. And with its bygone era charm, picturesque colonial sites and a heady mix of coffee, rum, cigars and salsa we think you’ll love touring Cuba!

The Best of Cuba

Cuba Delight

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