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Hit the dirt trails of the USA and Mexico!

In the USA and Mexico there’s plenty of opportunity for riding varied unpaved roads. From steep mountain mud trails to gentle stony tracks, river crossings, canyon descents and more. We’ll be getting to isolated, remote areas by taking the long or even short cuts from A to B. And the paved roads can be challenging too.

The tour groups are kept purposely small – limited to just 8 bikes plus staff. And just because the riding might get dirty doesn’t mean that we rough it on the accommodation and food style. These tours are as much about fun off the bikes as on.

Our Copper Canyon Expedition is counter-intuitively largely on paved roads, but it’s the only way to reach the heart of the canyons and it is here that you will find probably the best off-road riding in the Americas! This region, now a National Park is remote and unforgiving but we will be there to watch your back. Along the way there’s plenty to fascinate – ancient ruins, Chihuahuan desert Mormon communities, a challenging descent to a 17th Century mining village and cave dwelling Tarahumara Indians in the Sierra Madre (‘mother mountain’ ranges of Mexico).

On our Heart of Colorado Adventure we ride some of the most spectacular scenery in the American Rockies. Our tour is designed to run at a moderate pace and provides challenges in bit size chunks for riders with some offroad experience. The itinerary includes the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR) as well as sections of the Continental Divide Route.

And coming soon is our COTAH tour, crisscrossing the 49th parallel into Canada.

Heart Of Colorado

Copper Canyon Expedition

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