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Ride of A Lifetime – Wild Wild West

Pauline Lucas recounts for H.O.G. Magazine how a birthday celebration turned into a Ride of a Lifetime. The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas were on her wish list but the Orange & Black Tour Wild Wild West provided much more for this “Ladies of Harley” member.

Ride of A Lifetime


The final section of the MSL Ride of Route 66 with Orange & Black – from the California desert to Santa Monica and the end of the Road!

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Steve Rose’s adventure continues through New Mexico and Arizona from desert to woodland and finally the Grand Canyon (“Words don’t do it justice, photos and videos don’t even get close.”) Staying in the El Rancho hotel takes him back to the Hollywood era of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. Also to The Petrified Forest – a “lunar landscape”, a “fossilised wonderland” with “bizarre crystalline trees.” And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite his 10 Rules of Surviving American Drivers is an interesting (!) read.


Part 3:

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When Harley-Davidson invited Kevin Ash to ride Route 66 with Orange and Black.


Motorcycle Sport and Leisure’s riding adventure continues with Orange and Black in Route 66 Part 2 in Oklahoma and Texas

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure ran a 4 part guide to Riding Route 66. This particular story covers Riding Route 66: Part 1 It’s an entertaining look at riding through Illinois and Missouri.

“All we have to do now is ride across America. The plan is simple – follow Gary. Gary will point out all the landmarks – the old drive-ins, diners and motels – with his arms and the hazards – dead armadillos and shredded truck tyres – with his legs.”

Our tour guide Gary is interviewed by Bruce Wilson for MSL. The opening paragraph says it all: “Finding a tour guide half as qualified … is a challenge in its own right. And even if you did you’d struggle to find one with half his enthusiasm and love for his job.”


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