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Top Tips for Tour Preparation: Tip 2.

Tip 2. Packing and our Rule of Halves.

Also in our long experience of organising tours… we have seen much overpacking. This is more of an issue with self guided tours and rentals where you are taking your belongings with you and there is only so much you can put in a bike pannier. On a guided tour your luggage travels in the support van so you can max your flight weight limit if you like! Our van should cope with that given we only have small groups of up to 15 bikes!

No matter what sort of tour we suggest that you pack light. You only need half the clothing and accessories you think you need. Use the guidance from our handy list of clothing and equipment (that comes in both your hardcopy tourbook and your Mobile Vamoos tourbook, 2 weeks before your travel). Make two piles on the bed:

  1. ‘I need this’
  2. ‘I think I need this’

Then pack only the first pile.

Job done, Simple!

And if this leaves you with a terrible fear that you’re going to run out of clothes you can always buy more of your favourite Harley-Davidson tee shirts on the go – and the dealers will love you for it too! Alternatively, on most of our tours you can hire trikes which have a massive (well relatively!) 4.4 cubic feet trunk plus a top box.

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