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Top Tips for Tour Preparation: Tip 1.

Tip 1. Get familiar with your chosen motorcycle before you travel.

In our long experience of organising tours to the USA few people ride exactly the same model of motorcycle as they own at home. You may be unfamiliar with Harleys as you ride another make of bike (we do welcome owners of all makes! ) Maybe you ride a sportster at home that just isn’t going to give you the comfort of a touring model for the touring mileages. Indeed maybe you need a larger bike because you are taking a pillion on their dream trip. If you have any concerns at all you don’t want to compound these with the  obvious challenges that you will face when riding in the USA on the opposite side of the road, with some differing traffic rules.

So our advice is:

Blag a test ride or

Take a day or weekend rental from your local Harley-Davidson authorised rental dealership or

Take Orange & Black’s ‘Try before you fly’ experience. Doing this will remove a lot of the stress on the first day of your holiday, ensuring both you and hopefully your pillion and fellow travellers are more relaxed. We work in partnership with Lind Tours in the UK to offer you this opportunity. For Guided Tour customer we even offer this free. Should you want to book….Try Before you Fly Orientation Ride

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